Online Meeting with English Speaking Student
Orientation Day

Online Meeting with English Speaking Student

Dear newcomers,

We are happy that you’ve chosen our university and joined our international community. Also, we know how difficult it is to understand the online platforms of our university ourselves. We care about our students, so we want to help you with it. 

We want to hold an online meeting for you.

At the meeting, we will analyze all the functions of the Extranet and MS Teams and will answer all of your questions.

At the meeting, we will show you online all the functions of our platforms: how to easily find any information on the Extranet. How to attend lectures and communicate with professors at MS Teams.

The meetings will be divided into 2 parts. Our first meeting will be (01.03.21) and the second meeting (on 03.03.21). 

Also do not forget that on (05.03.21) there will be an Orientation Day

In order to have all the latest information, please do follow our social media.

Hope to see you soon!

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