Finding help in an emergency


In case of an emergency during your stay in Poland, dial 112.

Emergency services are free of charge.

Other important emergency numbers are:


When calling for emergency services, you should provide the following information:

  • the exact location of the incident (address etc.)
  • the reason for the call
  • information about the person needing assistance
  • information about the caller (you)

Helpful addresses:

National Health Fund

ul. Grójecka 186,
02-390 Warszawa
22 572 60 00

Capital Police Station
(Komenda Stołeczna Policji)

ul. Nowolipie 2
00-150 Warszawa
22 603 65 65

Nighttime and holiday medical assistance

In case of sudden illness or sudden deterioration of health between 6 pm and 8 am and on public holidays, and if there is a justified reason to fear that waiting for the opening of a clinic may negatively affect a person’s health, patients may turn to an on-duty clinic. In such cases, you do not need a referral. The physician on duty will provide advice at the clinic, by telephone or at the patient’s home.

Information about the nearest clinic on duty is provided by every medical clinic.