Tips for students about work

Here are just a couple of tips on how to get an head start and boost your career:


Get involved in internships early on

It is offered by many companies and older students have more chances at getting this opportunity, but don’t lose your eagerness – once your time comes, it is the best thing that can boost your career – and give you your first real working experience.

Try out casual/seasonal work

Various forms of odd jobs are particularly attractive for students who care not only for investing in their future careers, but also for a possibly stable income. Working in a shop, restaurant or club does not have to be a dream job for years, but it certainly gives you a lot of valuable experience - it teaches you how to treat the client, organize or work in a team. That is why it can be a strong point in the first CV - even if the position we ultimately go for is completely different.

Taking part in student organizations

as a freshman, you do not have to leave the university walls to collect experiences useful in completing the first CV. Just look around and check which student organizations, such as local government or various associations, you can sign up for. It is true that this work does not bring financial profits, but it gives a wide range of opportunities when it comes to implementing your own ideas, creative use of budgets or the exercise of organizational skills. Future employers will appreciate it!


If earnings are not a prerequisite for the first professional activities, volunteering is also worth considering. It allows students to check at work in various types of public benefit organizations, where they can perform various functions and learn both organizational and promotional work, contact with people and even team management. In addition to the fact that volunteering gives undeniable satisfaction, it is also welcome as a point in your CV.