While you have already received a confirmation about admission to our University and you are happy that you will be a student at one of the best universities in Warsaw - it is important to remember some essential documents that you must have as soon as you arrive.

Here you will find information about documents that students often forget or think that they will not need upon arrival. We know that postponing such matters results in losing a lot of money and time. We would like you to save both, by providing you with a couple of tips:

Remember that when you upload the documents to the EXTRANET system, it is not enough - you still have to bring all the original documents with you. Even if you have been using an agency - it does not mean that you have to have a different set of documents.
Documents from school or university - you must check whether you need an appostil / legalization or translation of these documents into Polish. If you do not know about it - it is better to contact the university directly.

Insurance - remember that without it you are not eligible for obtaining a visa. You must have the original with a wet stamp and a signature. The stamp or signature cannot be generated from the insurance company's system. We know that in some countries you can buy it online - in any case you must contact your insurance company with a request to provide to you the original with a wet stamp and signature.

It often happens that you have to hand one copy of documents at the Consulate/Visa Center, and there is no possibility for them to return it to you. This is why you must take care of generating two copies of documents beforehand, to hand it both to university and Consulate/Visa Center.
Medical certificate - it is obligatory to have it with you in the original in Polish or English language. If you do not have it upon arrival - you will have to do it in Warsaw. Its cost is PLN 100.

Language certificate - remember that if you do not give us the original language certificate or confirmation from another school that the studies were conducted in English - you will have to write a language test. We know from experience that it is not the easiest. The consequence of a badly written test is a half-year Polish language course, which you have to pay for. We, as a university, are very concerned about the wellbeing of our students, so we want lectures to be very easy and pleasant. However, it will be very difficult to pass the end-of-term exams without knowing the language.

Take 4 photos of 3 * 4 format with you. They will be needed for submitting documents and for obtaining a city card. Remember to upload your photo (of good quality) to the recruitment system to later receive your student ID card in time.

That's all for now - it is possible that you have the whole set because the recruitment department informs all candidates about the necessary documents. But if you are already in Warsaw and need some help - if possible, our volunteers are ready to help you.

We wish you a nice stay in Poland and interesting studies at our university!