Keep in touch


In this part you can read more about mobile phone services in Poland and how to stay in touch with friends and family back home.

Mobile services in Poland

In Poland you can obtain your mobile phone number via contract (post-paid) or without contract (pay as you go, pre-paid).

Pre-paid is a good solution for those people, who cannot or don’t want to bind with the mobile services provider and who need a phone rather to keep in touch than making long phone calls.

You have to put a credit on your mobile account before the expiry date to keep your account valid, e.g. once in a month or once in three months (this period depends on credit’s value), or more often if you run out of means to use the card.

The most popular mobile services providers in Poland are listed below. The offers of each provider are listed on websites.


Most tariffs commonly include:

You should also be aware of other possible charges relating to your tariff. For example, you should check with your provider if they charge you for calls to your voicemail and to customer services numbers.