Electronic Student Identity Card

The right to its possession is granted to university students up to the date of graduation, suspension of student rights or deletion from the list of students. The validity of the card is confirmed every semester by updating the data in the electronic system and placing the hologram in the marked fields.

The personal data of its owner are printed on ELS: name, surname, PESEL number, address, album number (index). The same data is stored electronically in the memory of the ID card. The card also stores information about the expiration date of ELS, which is visually marked by holograms placed on the back. Holograms are useful wherever it is not possible to read the electronic information gathered on the card - for example when checking tickets on the train.

How to get ELS?

If you are just starting your adventure with studying or you have just been admitted to second-cycle studies, you will receive ELS at the beginning of the academic year. For this purpose:

What can ELS do?

ELS may have additional uses. Each document issued by us has the function of a library card. It can be used to encode a city ticket and can be used as a payment card. In addition to all these extras, the ELS card entitles you to discounts in many stores, clubs and restaurants, in public and public transport, as well as in museums, cinemas and theaters.


The new student ID has the function of the WSFiZ Library Card. By showing it to the Library employee, you gain access to your account and the collections of the WSFiZ Library.


The ELS ticket can be encoded at any point in the ticket coding network on the Warsaw City Cards. When using tickets coded to ELS, the same rules apply as for tickets coded on the personalized Warsaw City Card.


Student ID card can also have the function of MasterCard ELS debit card to Eurokonto Intro Bank Pekao S.A.

The payment function on the Student Electronic ID is inactive at the moment of issuing the ID card. If you want to activate it, then:

Set up the Eurokonto Intro with the account card and the MasterCard ELS card.
Activate the MasterCard ELS card - use the PIN, paying for purchases or withdrawing cash from an ATM.

If you activate the payment function on your card, you will be able to shop, pay online and withdraw cash from Bank Pekao SA ATMs on Polish territory.

If you already have Eurokonto Intro - visit the nearest branch of Bank Pekao S.A., and our advisers will help in completing the formalities.


Our Partner - Bank Pekao S.A. does not have access to the student ID card. Only when you create an account with Bank Pekao S.A., your card will be encoded for use as a payment card. Only the clients of Bank Pekao S.A. will be able to use the payment card function.

Marking on the reverse of the student ID - sensitive data, it should be protected from unauthorized persons