Student Council

Anyone who enrolls in our University can count on the care of senior colleagues from the Student Council. We organize trips around the university and around Warsaw, we invite you to information and social meetings, help you find yourself in a new environment, and actively enter student life.

The Student Council represents all students. It fulfills the role of a mediator between students and the university authorities, and has an impact on current affairs regarding its development.

The main task of Student Council is to organize student life – both scientific (e.g. science clubs, open lectures, meetings with interesting people from Poland and abroad) and beyond science (e.g. organizing club events, trips, concerts).

As part of the activities of the Student Council, students organize various types of projects, help each other in various fields. The "Student for Student" project is particularly active, as part of which students help one another in learning Polish, English and Spanish.

Our students are also involved in artistic and cultural projects. We organize concerts, exhibitions, joint ventures to cinemas and theaters. Students also take an active part in the organization of charity campaigns and collections of gifts for those in need - such as "Szlachetna paczka".

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#Samorząd Studentów AEH WSTI