Registration of residence

Out of all the duties and registrations, the registration of residence "zameldowanie" causes foreign students most problems.
Let’s dissect this issue by starting with some general knowledge and then proceed with the step-by-step application process.

Each person in Poland is obliged to register their address of residence. In Poland, this type of registration is known as registration of residence "zameldowanie". In order to complete zameldowanie you need to go to the municipality office. This type of registration is free of charge, the only fee is charged for the official confirmation - the sum of 17 PLN.

If you intend to stay in Poland for longer than 14 days, you should complete zameldowanie tymczasowe – temporary registration for a place of living. Remember to update your registration status when you move to a new flat (even within the same city).

According to the law, non-EU citizens are obliged to complete registration of residence ("zameldowanie") within 4 days upon moving in a new flat. EU/EEA citizens have up to 30 days to do this.

Unfortunately, it takes much more time in practice. And in many cases it’s the system’s fault. For example, the office will refuse to register your address if your tenancy contract will only be valid for less than three months from the date of application.

What do you need
registration of residence (zameldowanie) for?

There are no penalties if you don’t complete zameldowanie. But it is important when applying for a stay card (only if you’re a non-EU citizen) and it is crucial when you wish to have a PESEL number.

Why do you need a
registration of residence (zameldowanie) to get a PESEL?

Most of the time the same office is responsible for both procedures. When you’re an EU citizen you’ll get your PESEL number from a clerk who will complete your registration of residence (zameldowanie) – on the same day, automatically, and for free. When you’re a non-EU citizen and you want to obtain a PESEL anyway, you submit the special form to the same department in which you completed your registration of residence (zameldowanie).

Where to register your address in Poland?

You complete registration of residence (zameldowanie) in a municipality office (urząd gminy). One of their duties is to keep track of who lives where. The department of the municipality office responsible for those registrations in Warsaw is called Referat Ewidencji Ludności i Dowodów Osobistych. You need to find the office responsible for your district.



  • tenancy contract that’s valid longer than 3 months after the date of application
  • passport
  • visa or a stay card


  • tenancy contract that’s valid longer than 3 months after the date of application
  • passport

How to fill out the form?

The form is written in Polish and in English. You will find it in the urząd miasta, but the form is also available online: Temporary Residence Registration Form .

Let's take a look at some of the issues in the form:


Point 7

is for the “address of the place of permanent residence” – this applies only to Polish citizens and those who have registered for permanent residence - if you haven’t done that, then skip it.


Point 8

You also skip point 8 if it’s your first zameldowanie, as it asks for the address of the previous place of temporary residence.


Point 9

here you put the address of your flat.


Point 10

“Period of intended stay” – the period should begin on the day when you submit the documents for zameldowanie, and finish on the last day of your legal stay in the flat. It will be either the final day of your tenancy contract, or the last day of your current visa/residence permit’s validity period. It depends on which one of those two dates comes first.


Point 11

If you have a tenancy agreement, you do not have to notify your landlord (in the form referred to as the "proxy") about this procedure at all. Therefore, you can omit the part with the statement: "I hereby confirm that the aforementioned person remains at the given address" signed by the person who has the legal title to the flat. This point is filled only when people do not have contracts confirming their right to rent a flat.



Upon submitting the form, a clerk will ask you if you wish to obtain a confirmation of registration of residence (zameldowanie). As we mentioned earlier, you would need to pay 17 zł for that. The confirmation could be useful for non-EU citizens.

We hope this article has helped you, and we wish you a lot of patience during all of the application proccess. And remember - if you have further questions, we are here to help you. Get in touch!