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Culture Day of Azerbaijan

My Dear , on May 8 we had event named “Culture Day of Azerbaijan” in our University. Azerbaijan is an amazing country. Everything is unique- nature and culture, history, customs and traditions, architecture and a lot of others. Azerbaijani nation is one of the most ancient in the world which is proud of its historical monuments and colorful literature, art and music.


Our Azerbaijani students demonstrated all warmness of Azerbaijani soul and tradition of nation. I want to express my appreciation to Aynur and Fidan for their amazing dance, Kubra and Baba for very informative presentation, Baba for outstanding performance on Tar and Farid for excellent singing. And of course, thanks to our presenters Agata and Nijat! We are grateful to all students who helped to organize this event! Wait us for new surprises in next year!

Sincerely yours,
Viktoriia Malysh
Coordinator of Welcome Office